Call for a Public Hearing

This is where you come in. We’re asking you to call and write members of the Portland City Council and request that they hold a public hearing for the Plant Medicine Healing Alliance’s resolution. 

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Your email will be sent to Mayor Ted Wheeler, Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty, Commissioner Carmen Rubio, Commissioner Mingus Mapps, and Commissioner Dan Ryan. 

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    Call the Council

    Call the office of a city councilor:  

    Mayor Ted Wheeler – 503-823-4120
    Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty – 503-823-4151
    Commissioner Carmen Rubio – 503-823-3008
    Commissioner Mingus Mapps – 503-823-4682
    Commissioner Dan Ryan – 503-823-3589



    I’m writing to urge your office and Portland City Council to schedule a public hearing of the Plant Medicine Healing Alliance’s proposed Resolution to decriminalize (i.e. make least enforcement priority) fungi and plant medicines for home growing, group healing, and ceremonial and religious purposes.

    This policy is urgent and offers more tools in our community’s tool kit to address mental health, addiction, and general well being. While measure 109 creates regulated access to psilocybin therapy, that will cost a person a minimum of $1000. Psychedelic healing should not only be available for the affluent, and there are resources available for people to create safe healing experiences for each other ( Denver, Seattle, DC, Oakland and other cities have decriminalized plant medicines to the healing benefit of their communities, without problems for first responders.

    Veterans, people facing their end of life, BI&PoC and other traumatized populations are increasingly seeking to heal their depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders with plant medicines. The top scientific journal Nature magazine recently profiled ayahuasca’s healing benefits.

    Unfortunately most don’t feel safe accessing this healing in the US, and only those affluent enough to afford the therapy under 109 or to travel to Central or South America generally are able to find the healing they seek. Heroic Hearts Project, a key PMHA ally, as well as partner to the Measure 109 campaign, currently sends veterans at great cost down to Peru to drink ayahuasca together. This policy is about thoughtfully increasing access to community healing with plant medicines locally, beginning in Portland, Oregon.